Puma Partners
Puma Sponsored by Arena


PUMA is excited to announce that we have signed a sponsorship contract with Arena swimwear. 
Our team dealer is Swim Suits West and we will be having 2 fitting dates for the summer.  Swimmers will be able to try on suits, parkas, and check out backpacks and duffle bags. You will also be able to order team gear at the fittings.  Please keep in mind that all Puma swimmers that compete must have a team suit. Arena will be offering our team a variety of suits to choose from with a variety of price points.
Don't miss out on the following fitting dates:

JUNE 7: SLO Kennedy Club Fittness: 3:45-6:30 pm

JUNE 13: ATASCADERO Kennedy Club: 3:30-6:30 pm

Some swimming stars that are sponsored by Arena include Janet Evans, Rebecca Soni, Eric Shanteau, Milorad Cavic, Paul Biedermman, and the recently retired Aaron Piersol.