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Zach Stevens earns 4th Consecutive National Top 10 Awards

On May16, 2010 Southern California Swimming held the annual National Top 10 (Ages 11-18) and Southern California Swimming Top 3 (Ages 10 & under) at the Embassy Suites in Anaheim, Ca.  The banquet honored athletes within the Southern California swimming sanction for their achievements at a National level. The primary speakers were current World Record holders and Olympians Peter Marshall and Markus Rogan. The two were roommates and training partners at Stanford University and they told many memorable stories about their journey to get to the top in their swimming careers.   The primary message was to persevere through the hardships that swimming can sometimes deliver and never lose faith in your goals. Peter told of the year he swam his lifetime best 100 Meter back at the Olympic Trials and was touched out by 1/100th of a second to come in 3rd.  He barely missed the Olympic team that year but he still swam his best time and attributes that moment in what helped drive him to make the next Olympic team.

Zach has been recognized for being in the National Top 10 for 4 consecutive years and has been consistently one of the fastest swimmers in the World for his age group since he was 9 years old. Zach still holds a National Age Group record and trains hard everyday with the goal of getting to the next level.  Zach was recognized for the following achievements.

Boys Age 12

100 yard breast:  1:02.59 3rd in Nation

200 yard breast 2:17.10 4th in Nation

Boys Age 13

100 yard breast:  1:01.74 8th in Nation

200 yard breast: 2:12.28 5th in Nation

100 meter breast 1:09.35 4th in Nation

Way to go Zach Stevens!